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The 10 Golden Rules Of Carpooling

What is carpooling? Carpooling happens when two or more people, typically from different households, share a car ride together. You can carpool together to save money on fuel, tolls, parking and to protect the environment.

Imagine how much fun it’d be to catch up with friends on the way to work! Or you and co-workers could get a head start on work while sitting in traffic. Carpooling can turn out to be an efficient use of your time.

That being said, in order to make the best of carpooling, you will need to insure that some rules are pretty clear!

  1. All people should have the same schedule and same destination
  2. Rules of the car should be respected, also known as “carpool etiquette” make sure you agree on smoking, music, mobile phone usage, food/drinks, etc.
  3. “One honk is protocol, two is a deal breaker”…if someone is offering you a space in his car then the least you can do is be ready and waiting on time and dont leave them waiting.
  4. Plans change and emergencies happen. But not every schedule change is an emergency. Don’t say you can’t drive 20 minutes before carpool starts unless you have a real emergency. Other people are counting on you.
  5. Bigger carpools mean it’s your turn to drive less often. But it may also mean driving all over the place picking up and dropping off so many people, so there is a trade-off. The whole idea of a carpool is to make life easier. Think about what really works for you before agreeing.
  6. If you are not a safe driver then please don’t carpool!  You are in charge of many lives other than yourself, which means Don’t speed or text while driving.
  7. If there are multiple drivers in the carpool, create a driving schedule so there is no confusion regarding driving responsibilities.
  8. Most carpoolers are interested in traveling between their home and work locations. Therefore, the carpool should not make unexpected stops for errands unless it is agreed upon by all carpool members.
  9. Your car now is a shared space so make sure its clean and well maintained at all times especially if people are paying to carpool with you.
  10. A poorly maintained car can consumer between 15 and 50% more fuel than one that is properly maintained. A well maintained vehicle will ensure a safe, reliable and comfortable ride.

If your privacy is on top of your list but still dont want to be hassled with the daily traffic to and back from work then carpooling is a must try and cross out public transportation.

Beside the privacy you get to enjoy, the cost of carpooling can be similar or even less and the route will be definitely shorter, most convenient and enjoyable with friends or coworkers.

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